Date: Monday, September 07 2015 @ 20:44:58 BST
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Undetermined malware
Google has been claiming that this website has malware on it, this have been checked for malware, results of this check proved that this site is clean! Google was ask to review this site and made the same statement. So I wiped the site and uploaded all the sites pages from their clean original files, then scanned the site again and confirmed that my website is clean. Then I ask google to check again, they did and they still manage somehow to find
Undetermined malware
These pages directed users to a site that serves malware or unwanted software. Unfortunately, the malicious code within the page could not be isolated.

Google have not offered any proof that there is a problem....

I am force to wait several hours before I can re-submit for another review, at this moment the only thing I can think of is that they are deliberately attacking my site due the advertising company that I use BidVertiser - Pay Per Click Advertising On Sites Of Your Choice., my thoughts are that they want their advertising on my site, which I did try but that proved to be an utter waste, with that making a false claim that I was clicking the links myself, well I checked the ip addresses and not one of those ip addresses was mine, that was a fair few years ago, so I looked for a decent honest company to help provide revenue for my website, which I found with Bidvertiser and Matomy SEO formerly Smart Link Marketing by Text Link Ads.
What Google is doing is wrong, very wrong, they are a corporation, they are not the internet authority, they do not have the right to imposed themselves as such. They need to stop as they have gone too far. I will write again once this has been sorted out.

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