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From Wikipedia the free encyclopedia, by MultiMedia

CustomizeGoogle is a Mozilla Firefox extension, which enhances the search results you get when searching the web with Google. It does so by adding some information about the search results and removing unwanted results, such as advertisements. However, everything is optional, so someone could see the related ads if he/she wants to.


Google Suggest

You can use Google Suggest when searching, to have an AutoComplete while typing. This is handy because you don't have to retype every search term if you search on it multiple times. Also, it seems to filter out adult search terms.

Use other search engines

Adds links next to your search like "Try your search on Yahoo!". This is handy when you can't find what you're looking for and think you might find it with another search engine.

Direct links to images

When you currently use the Google Image Search, you first see the image in a frame and the site it came from in the lower frame. With Customize Google, however, you are led directly to the images instead of first the frame page.

Remove copying restrictions

When using Google Print, there is a copy restriction applied, but with CustomizeGoogle you can work around this.

Secure Gmail

Customize Google will make Gmail, more secure by using https instead of http.

Anonymous Google userid

Though disabled by default, CustomizeGoogle can anonymize your Google userid. You might like this if you're a bit paranoid.

Ads removed

This is also disabled by default, however, if you don't like the ads you can turn them off.

Filter spammy websites

If you don't like websites that are just trying to get you there while it is not what you are looking for, you will like CustomizeGoogle, because it tries to filter spammy websites.

Links to WayBack Machine

This will add a link to the WayBack Machine, so you can see how the given page looked before. This way, when you end up at a page which has been moved or removed, you can see what used to be there so you still get your results.

Remove click tracking

When you click on the link of a result, it looks like the link leads to the page containing what you are looking for. But in fact, when you click the link it is quickly changed to a redirect page of Google, which will probably track what you are searching on, which browser you are using, etc. This is probably used to your and other Google users's profit, but some may not like it. That is why they are overcome with CustomizeGoogle.

Useless facts

  • At the time of writing (9 September 2005), CustomizeGoogle was on the second place on the Mozilla Firefox Extensions list.
  • Again at the time of writing (9 September 2005), CustomizeGoogle has an average star rating of 4.63/5, and was downloaded 4587804 times.
  • CustomizeGoogle was the July 2005 Editors Pick.

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