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Google Features
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Google Features

From Wikipedia the free encyclopedia, by MultiMedia





Examples (the link texts are what is entered as if it were a search string):

Currency Conversion

Examples (the link texts are what is entered as if it were a search string):



Enables users to have a word or string (phrase) defined from definitions found in online references (including wiki sites). Explanation

Hurricane Katrina

On September 12 2005, Google added two new search features designed specificially for finding information about Hurricane Katrina's aftermath. The first is Katrina People Search that can helps you search multiple databases for information on friends and family affected by the hurricane. The second feature is a Special Index Search on Katrina related pages.


"Google Music" is a service launched on December 15, 2005. The new service is not going to be a music library, such as Yahoo’s. The service will search libraries of legal download services and will provide links to the partners, as well as lyrics and biographies of the artist. Initial merchant partners include Apple Computer's iTunes service, RealNetworks's Rhapsody, eMusic and Amazon.com, and WalMart.com, Google said. Google also said that this does not represent Google moving to be an online music retailer. The way the service is used is by simply typing in the name of a popular band and searching from the standard home page, the engine will return specialized results at the top of the results similar to "Google AdSense"



Allows users in the USA and Canada to search for info about movies using the main Google search interface. You can search in various ways:

  • Entering "movie: 10001" in the Google "search text" entry field will search for all movies being shown in and around United States zipcode 10001- sorted by movie theater. Within the listing you can see showtimes, the average rating for each movie, as well as links to all reviews, and a link to the IMDB page for that movie.

  • Entering "movie: movies 10001" provides a listing sorted by movie, showing all locations and showtimes where each movie is shown in the area.

  • Entering "movie: Julia Roberts" provides a listing sorted by movie, of many of the movies starring this actor/actress. It is unclear what rules/algorithm is used for including/excluding certain movies.



This search feature is built into Google's standard search bar; if the search terms match certain criteria, an option to view search results of Google's telephone directory archive is provided. One can search both residential and business listings. There is also an option available to remove one's phone book entry from Google.


Allows users in the USA to get a four-day forecast for a particular U.S. locations using the main Google search interface.

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