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From Wikipedia the free encyclopedia, by MultiMedia

PhpGmailDrive, also known as, PGD is a open source software developed in PHP to share Gmail file attachments in web. PGD is developed on the top of idea of GmailFS,a logical file system using email subject.



PhpGmailDrive is a innovative file sharing utility. Unlike online storage sites like xDrive it uses Gmail as backend file server. To install this freeware one has to copy a PHP script in web server and configure it with specific gmail account and password. Since Gmail provides more than 2.5 GB space, PGD can emulates a very big hosting. After installation PGD automatically connects Gmail email server and fetches list of attached files and arrange them in a tree like view. PGD follows GmailFS standard, so it can handle Gmail attachments uploaded by any GmailFS client. PGD is wrapper of libGmailer, another opensource Gmail library.


pgpGmailDrive Screenshot


  • PGD displays attachments in tree menu.
  • This is compliant to GmailFS.
  • Supports Multiple Gmail accounts in the same script .
  • Supports both Mozilla and Internet Explorer.
  • Total size of the script is around 100 KB.


PhpGmailDrive(PGD) is dependant on Gmail service.

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Google Guide made by MultiMedia | Free content and software

This guide is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses material from the Wikipedia.

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