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SpyFalcon is a clone of infamous SpyAxe and SpywareStrike. SpyFalcon is an rouge anti-spyware product that displays fake warnings on a Windows computer in order to manipulate the user into buying its full commercial version. A computer with this program may receive warnings in its taskbar that appear to be from Security Center claiming that the computer is infected with dangerous spyware and offering to download and install its special anti-malware tool. This tool turns out to be SpyFalcon, rogue spyware remover. These warnings are fake and are a goad to have the user buy the commercial version of this software. SpyFalcon hijacks the home page and redirects the web browser to SpyFalcon.com. SpyFalcon automatically runs on every Windows startup.

The latest Clone of SpyFalcon is Spyware Quake

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