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Introduction -- Using Gtk2_ExceptionDump

About Gtk2_ExceptionDump

Gtk2_ExceptionDump catches and displays common errors and warnings that can be produced in a PHP scripts: PHP errors, notices and warnings as well as PEAR Errors and uncaught exceptions. They are displayed in a Gtk2 window with a tree view, providing the error message and the backtrace with passed parameters.

The most easy thing to do is letting the class handle everything automatically. You can decide which errors should be catched: All, PHP errors, PEAR errors or uncaught exceptions. The following methods need to be called statically to set up error handling:

  • setupExceptionHandler()

  • setupPearErrorHandler()

  • setupPhpErrorHandler()

  • setupAllHandlers()

Example 40-1. Letting Gtk2_ExceptionDump handle all errors

require_once 'Gtk2/ExceptionDump.php';

Handling exceptions by hand

If you don't want to let Gtk2_ExceptionDump handle errors automatically, you can display the window by hand, e.g. in a catch() statement.

Example 40-2. Catching exceptions by hand

try {
    //do some stuff that
    //could throw an exception
} catch (Exception $e) {
    require_once 'Gtk2/ExceptionDump.php';

More examples

As usually, the package has more examples in the doc directory: /path/to/pear/docs/Gtk2_ExceptionDump/examples/.


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