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e-Mail spammers

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e-Mail spammers

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E-mail spammers are people who send unsolicited electronic messages in bulk. They could be sending e-mails for their own or their clients' business. Most of them do not reveal their true identities. Here is a partial list of known or alleged e-mail spammers.

Notorious spammers

Serdar Argic Didn't send any e-mails. He posted messages on Usenet.
Laura Betterly, dubbed the "Spam Queen" after being interviewed by the Wall Street Journal
Howard Carmack, sentenced to seven years in prison.
Jason Cazes, of Kirkland, Washington, U.S., sued by Microsoft in December 2003.
Richard Colbert
Golddisk.net, sued by Yahoo! in March 2004.
Cris Fellegi, sued by Travis Hand
Brian Haberstroh, owner of Atriks and other companies, who created a network (VirtualMDA) where people are supposedly paid for the use of their computer to send spam
Davis Wolfgang Hawke, sued by AOL in March 2004.
Dan Ivans of Chardon, Ohio, U.S., sued by Microsoft in June 2003.
Jeremy Jaynes, alias "Gaven Stubberfield", sentenced to nine years in prison in February 2005 [1] but the judge postponed the sentence while the case is appealed.
Leila Kaplan (not to be confused with the Leila Kaplan of Manhattan's Upper West Side)
Vardan Kushnir, Russian spammer killed in July 2005.
Wayne Mansfield, Australian spammer.
JDO Media, sued by Microsoft in March 2004.
Robby Todino, the Time Travel spammer.
Alan Ralsky, sued by Verizon in March 2001. Raided by the FBI in October 2005.
Scott Richter, sued by Microsoft and the New York Attorney General
Richard Scoville, FreeSpeechStore spammer.
Bernard Shifman
Robert Soloway, founder of ostensibly anti-spam company SPAMIS.
Christopher "Rizler" William Smith, drugs spammer, arrested, awaiting trial
Vanessa J. Smith
Sanford Wallace
Billy Williams, of Hawaii, sued by the Texas Attorney General in December 2005 [2]

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