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From Wikipedia the free encyclopedia, by MultiMedia

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The del.icio.us "logo" as seen on the del.icios.us site.

The website del.icio.us is a social bookmarking, social software web service for storing and sharing web bookmarks. The site came online in late 2003 and was developed by Joshua Schachter, co-maintainer of Memepool.

Everything posted to del.icio.us is publicly viewable by default, although a user can mark specific bookmarks as private, and mass-imported bookmarks are private by default. The public aspect is emphasized; it is not intended to be a tool for storing private bookmark collections. Many people use del.icio.us to publish "linkblogs" on their weblogs.

A non-hierarchical keyword categorization system is used on del.icio.us where users can tag each of their bookmarks with a number of freely chosen keywords (cf. folksonomy). A combined view of everyone's bookmarks with a given tag is available; for instance, the URL "http://del.icio.us/tag/wiki" displays all of the most recent links tagged "wiki". Its collective nature also makes it possible to view bookmarks added by similar-minded users.

The emphasis on recent additions makes it a convenient mechanism for propagating internet memes and trends.

Simple HTML interface with human readable URLs, as well as a REST API and RSS feeds for web syndication are used on del.icio.us.

Use of the service is currently free. The source code of the site is not available, but a user's own entered data is freely downloadable through the API.

The website has an unconventional domain name, known as a domain hack, which may have contributed to its popularity. It was the second Internet company hosted on a domain hack that Yahoo! acquired, blo.gs being the first.

The websites de.lirio.us, del.not.us and sa.bros.us are open source clones of del.icio.us. There are a number of innovations around social bookmarks beyond simple urls. Flickr bookmarks pictures, YouTube bookmarks videos, and Digg bookmarks news.

Yahoo! acquired del.icio.us on Friday, December 9, 2005.

Sample queries

View recent entries:

View today's popular entries:

View popular tags:

Find any url that is tagged with "Nanotechnology":

Combine tags. Find any url that is tagged with both "Nanotechnology" and "Fabrication":

Find entries with a certain media type:

Find the history of how a url has been tagged:

<h2>See also</h2>

  • <!--LINK 31--> - the method of organization that del.icio.us uses.
  • <!--LINK 32--> - the service that del.icio.us offers
  • <!--LINK 33--> - developer of del.icio.us
  • <!--LINK 34--> - acquirer of del.icio.us

<h2>External links</h2>

<h3>Official sites</h3>See also

  • folksonomy - the method of organization that del.icio.us uses.
  • social bookmarking - the service that del.icio.us offers
  • Joshua Schachter - developer of del.icio.us
  • Yahoo! - acquirer of del.icio.us

External links

Official sites

Alternate del.icio.us interfaces

del.icio.us utilities

Web utilities

  • GROU.PS - Share your del.icio.us bookmarks. Combine them with Digg, reddit and other popuplar service providers.

Firefox/Netscape utilities

Internet Explorer utilities

Safari utilities

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